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Terms and Conditions
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Approximately 100 miles south of Anchorage (Milepost 17) on the Seward Highway is Primrose Road, the exit for Primrose Campground. Primrose Campground is the location of the starting line for the Lost Lake Breath of Life Run. Bear Creek Fire Department (Milepost 5.5) is the location of the finish line and race headquarters on race day. For pictures of various parts of the trail, please refer to the Trail Gallery.

Starting at the Primrose Campground and ending at the Bear Creek Fire Department, the course uses a U.S. Forest Service Trail through Lost Lake in Chugach National Forest. The well-marked trail is approximately 15.75 miles cross-country with a peak elevation of 2,100 feet. The trail is in good condition overall but does have some hazardous areas.

There are several runners that have videoed the race course and posted these videos on YouTube.com.  Please click here to see a listing of these videos.

Race Information
Race Information is shared through Constant Contact and Facebook.com.
The Lost Lake Run Facebook page is used to disseminate information rapidly.  This page can be found here.
The Lost Lake Runners Facebook group is organized by runners to share information about the race including training tips and course conditions.  This page can be found here.

Race Start
The race itself begins at 10:00 A.M. (8:00 A.M. for walkers) and beginning at 6:30 A.M. buses will begin transporting participants from Seward High School to the starting line of the race at the Primrose Campground parking lot (Mile 17 Seward Highway). There is no parking allowed at the Primrose Campground parking lot, however, there are several lots within short walking distance of Bear Creek Fire Department to use. The last bus leaves at 9:00 A.M. so please allow yourself ample time to make this deadline. Spectators and family who want to watch the race begin at 10:00 A.M. can also use the bus transportation. There will be a bus to take people back to Bear Creek Fire Department after the race starts.


After the finish of the run there will be NO transportation back to the start.

Rapid weather changes including precipitation of all types, wind, and changes in temperature along the trail. Animals (bears, moose, stinging insects, and other vermin). Water sources, other than aid station, to be used at your own risk. Trail does contain some areas overgrown by vegetation.

Medical Aid
There will be NO medical aid stations along the run. Weather permitting, there will be a water station with emergency supplies at the halfway mark.


Respecting the Trail
The Lost Lake area is a spectacularly beautiful, yet easily accessible alpine area within Chugach National Forest. Our goal is to continue to offer this race without impacting the trail. You can help by adhering to the following basic principles while on the trail:

  • Avoid traveling on areas of the trail that are particularly fragile, or during snow melt when the trail is muddy.
  • Stay on the main trail and avoid the temptation to keep your feet dry by going off trail. Walking or running outside the main trail tread breaks down the trail edge and widens it.
  • Muddy stretches and snow patches should be crossed rather than skirted to avoid creating new paths.
  • Hike or run on hard surfaces such as rocks or gravel wherever possible.
  • Avoid hiking or running on the faint user-created trails.