Legendary Lost Lakers

Each year we celebrate those folks that have officially completed the Lost Lake Run twelve or more times. At the awards ceremony we recognize these individuals and give them each an attractive mug with a design matching the runner shirts. Below is a current list of the Legendary Lost Lakers.

Early Registration Offered for Legendary Lost Lakers.  Because we have sold out so quickly in the past, some of our Legendary Lost Lakers have had a difficult time registering. As a result, since 2015 we have included an additional benefit to being a member of this exclusive club: early registration. Each of the Legendary Lost Lakers will be sent an email link that will allow them to register between March 15 and March 31. Legendary Lost Lakers must register prior to April 1 to be guaranteed a spot.

Did We Miss You?  We want to ensure all those that have officially completed the Lost Lake Run twelve or more times are recognized. I have included the race results from 1992 to present in an MS Excel spreadsheet on the web site (click here). If you think you might be a Legendary Lost Laker and I have missed your name because of a name change or change in spelling, please send me an email.

Legendary Lost Lakers
Trula Acena
Penny Agnew
Joan Antonson
Ben Armentrout
Jennifer Armentrout
Tab Ballantine
Collette Bentz
Connie Best
Bob Bingman
Kathy Bingman
Kenda Blanning
Colleen Bolling
Ellyn Brown
Sally Burns
Jacqueline Carney
Martin Cassens
Bill Coghill
Kyle Colburn
Joel Cusick
Leslie Dickson
Elizabeth Elliott (Miller)
Joey Eski
John Ferguson
Karol Fink
Berit Flora
Flip Foldager
Patricia Foldager
Erin Gallagher (Taylor)
Ryan Gallagher
Robert Gerik
Steve Gilles
Ruth Glenn
Linda Graham
Kristen Hansen
Larry Harmon
Mike Heatwole
Vera Hershey
Elizabeth Hooper
Rich Hull
Teresa Hull
Kathy Jacobsen
Mark Jacobsen
Jeff Jessen
Howard Levine
Guadalupe Marroquin
Steve McKeever
Cathy Miller
Tom Miller
Fred Moore
Mindee Morning
Claire Norton-Cruz
Nancy Osborne
Jim Parker
Clinton Paul
Luke Peroni
Colleen Peterson
Jack Porter
Quentin Reuer
Jane Ringler
Selina Sanders
Michelle Scott-Weber
Shelly Schwenn
Phyllis Seeba
Lisa Tobin
Paul Twardock
Kristi Waythomas
Gordon Wetzel
John Wilson
Niles Woods
Jeffrey Young

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