Virtual Lost Lake Run Registration and Finishers List

Below is the list of all those that have registered for the Virtual Lost Lake Run through Monday, September 7, 2020.  If the registrant has completed their course, this is also indicated.  If you do not see your name on this list, but believe is should be here, or if you have completed the course and it is not recorded, please contact Patrick Simpson (

2020 Virtual Lost Lake Run

Last, First Status
Adkins, Alaina Finished!
Adkins, Paul Finished!
AGEE, STEVEN Finished!
Agee, Terri Finished!
Aho, Sarah  
albertson, leif Finished!
Alioto, Frank Finished!
Alioto, Suzanne Finished!
Allan, Joanne Finished!
Alvarez, Albert Finished!
Alvarez, Sarah Finished!
Anderson, Jennifer Finished!
Antonson, Joan Finished!
Armstrong, Heidi Finished!
Baklanova, Tonia Finished!
Ballantine, Tab  
Banfield, Michael Finished!
Bennett, Tonisa Finished!
Bennett, Zion Finished!
Bennion, Ida Finished!
Berry, Courtney Finished!
Bertschi, Isaac Finished!
Besh, Carly Finished!
Besh, Michael Finished!
Best, Connie Finished!
Bingman, Bob Finished!
Bingman, Kathy Finished!
Blanning, Kenda Finished!
Blanning, Mark Finished!
Boone, Eryn Finished!
Boschenstein, Karen Finished!
boyleston, Pamela Finished!
Brandt, Joel Finished!
Brandt, Rachel Finished!
Brasher, Shoshannah Finished!
Bruening, Karl Finished!
BRYANT, CORY Finished!
Bryden, Wendy Finished!
Burk, Dwight Finished!
Buskirk, Kimberly Finished!
Carpenter, Carey Finished!
Carpenter, Clinton Finished!
Carroll, Helen  
Chen, Alice Finished!
cheng, ann-chee Finished!
Clingenpeel, Cale Finished!
Clingenpeel, Clark Finished!
Clingenpeel, Jody Finished!
Comer, Teresa Finished!
Cornelius, Shawn Finished!
Davis, Christopher Finished!
Day, Amanda Finished!
DeBonis, Abby Finished!
Demetree-Trombley, Denise Finished!
Denter, Dean Finished!
Descutner, Erika Finished!
Dionne, Sue Finished!
Dischner, Molly Finished!
Dixon, Marissa Finished!
Dixon, Matthew Finished!
Dixson, Mark Finished!
Dobson, Ben Finished!
Dobson, Jenni Finished!
Dobson, Rylan Finished!
Dougherty, Basil Finished!
Dougherty, Wren Finished!
DuBois, Gregory Finished!
Emtman, Brede Finished!
Engelby, Alissa Finished!
Ennis, Jenny Finished!
Ennis, Justin Finished!
Fernandes, Laurie Finished!
Fieser, Staci Finished!
Fink, Karol Finished!
Fletcher, Karen Finished!
Foldager, Flip Finished!
Foldager, Patricia Finished!
Folmar, Kristin  
Fong, Joseph Finished!
Foster, Linda  
Freistone, Sarah Finished!
Frey, Lee Finished!
Galloway, Lucy Finished!
Gerik, Rebecca  
Germain, Bryan Finished!
Giffen, Clo Finished!
Gilles, Steve Finished!
Glenn, Ruth Finished!
Gnass, Jane  
Gould, Rick Finished!
Green, Ellese Finished!
Gregoire, Gina Finished!
Hancock, Warren Finished!
Harris, Laura Finished!
Heale, Emily Finished!
Heatwole, Mike Finished!
Heavener, Mia Finished!
Hershey, Vera Finished!
Hill, Rosemary Finished!
Hippler, Aaron Finished!
Hippler, Christine Finished!
Hood, Julie Finished!
Hood, Natalie Finished!
Huett, Jessie Finished!
Huey, Aaron Finished!
Huey, Jessica Finished!
Hunt, Robert Finished!
Huss, Steven Finished!
Hutchings, Maddy Finished!
Hutchings, Rod Finished!
Hymas, Mindy Finished!
Jacob, Hannah Finished!
Jacob, Janet Finished!
Johnson, Lila Finished!
Johnson, Rahni Finished!
Kane, Daniel Finished!
Kentch, Gavin Finished!
Khodra, Nial Finished!
Klein, Eric Finished!
Klein, Gretchen Finished!
Kraft, Aubrey Finished!
Kurtagh, Meg Finished!
Lee, Destiny Finished!
LeKites, Michelle Finished!
Leman, Terri Finished!
Lind, Bonnie Finished!
Linford, Brenna Finished!
LoSordo-Santo, Lisa  
Low, Aileen Finished!
Low-Glassman, Aileen Finished!
Lucas, Jason Finished!
Luff, Lori Finished!
Mahar, Rebecca Finished!
Marroquin, Guadalupe Finished!
Masneri, Jacob Finished!
Masneri, Peyton Finished!
Maves, Jessica Finished!
Maves, Kelley Finished!
McDonald, Dana Finished!
McDonald, Madison Finished!
McKeever, Steve Finished!
Meade, Michael Finished!
Meahan, Angie Finished!
Miller, Cathy Finished!
Miller, Tom Finished!
Monroe, PJ Finished!
Moody, Ryan Finished!
Moorhead, Mark Finished!
Morrison, Kim Finished!
Nagel, Matt Finished!
Nelson, Elaine Finished!
Newell, Robyn Finished!
Nicholls, Bronwen  
Nickles, Brigitte Finished!
Nienaber, Jeanette Finished!
Noble, Brenda Finished!
Noble, Steve Finished!
Norton, Barbara Finished!
Norton-Cruz, Claire Finished!
Norton-Cruz, Laura Finished!
Olmstead, Nate Finished!
Olson, Megan Finished!
Page, Jennifer  
Parrish, Todd Finished!
Parry, Sue Finished!
Paule, Bridget Finished!
Paule, Harriet Finished!
penfield, emilyn Finished!
peroni, luke Finished!
Perschbacher, Jeff Finished!
Perschbacher, Marly Finished!
Pinkston, Brian Finished!
Pinkston, Lisa Finished!
Pintsch, Carter Finished!
Pintsch, Nicole Finished!
Poirier, Dennis Finished!
Quinn, Heidi Finished!
Quiring, Carey Finished!
Rabang, Leslie Finished!
Rauch, Caleb Finished!
Rawson, Leslie Finished!
Reeves, Cyndi Finished!
Reimer, Adam Finished!
Renkert, Mary Ann Finished!
Rey, Karen  
Riggs, Kimberly Finished!
Ringler, Jane Finished!
Roberts, Missy  
Robinson, Julie Finished!
Rosen, Yereth Finished!
Seidl, Elizabeth Finished!
Sexton, Joyce Finished!
Skinner, Kari Finished!
Smith, Matt Finished!
Sommer, Sharity  
Steinhauser, Evan R Finished!
Sullivan, Dennis Finished!
Sullivan, Tammy Finished!
Swaby, Kate Finished!
Takagi, June Finished!
Talbot, Bruce Finished!
Tarner, Becky  
Tarner, Jackie Finished!
Tarner, Terry Finished!
Tarner, Todd Finished!
Taylor, Scott Finished!
Titzel, Shannon Finished!
Tremarco, Dali Finished!
Troxell, Eric Finished!
Troxell, Marci Finished!
Tumey, Jania Finished!
Ulroan, Michael  
Utermohle, Charles Finished!
Waite, Brian Finished!
Wallace, Brie Finished!
Ward, Ben Finished!
Warnke, Sherri  
Westfall, Kimberly Finished!
Westfall, Megan Finished!
Wight, Jami Finished!
Williams, Heather Finished!
Williams, Megan Finished!
Wiswesser, Emily Finished!
Witter, Rob Finished!
Wolfe, Jules Finished!
Wright, Dana Finished!
Wright, Jenna Finished!
Yarian, Nick Finished!
York, Bo Finished!
York, Bonnie Finished!
York, Magdalen Finished!
young, jeff  
Youngblood, Christy Finished!
Zenker, Maddie Finished!
Zenker, Matt Finished!

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