Fundraisers are those individuals that go beyond their contribution of a registration fee.  These honored individuals raise additional funds for the Lost Lake Run to help us fight Cystic Fibrosis.  Fundraisers can form team and leverage the power of the many to help in the cause, or they can individually raise money.

Each year, the three most successful fundraisers are presented with the Marsha Vincent Award. This award, named after the Founder of the Lost Lake Run, honors the individuals that have raised the most donations for the Lost Lake Run in a single year.

In 2015 the Marsha Vincent Award was expanded to recognize the top-three team fundraisers and the top-three individual fundraisers.  For a complete list of all the former Marsha Vincent Award winners click here.

For those individuals that prefer to fund raise on their own and not be a member of a team, we are now offering early registration for individual fundraisers.  The fee for an individual fundraiser is $400 $320 (Reduced for 2020).

Like teams, an individual could register early and be guaranteed a spot.  In return they would need to raise $400 $320 as an individual.  Like the team registration, a fund-raiser would have until June 30 to raise the funds.  If they do not raise the funds by June 30, then they would forfeit their registration and any funds they have raised.

All individual fundraisers will also be recognized as a Sponsor, with the designation depending on how much funds are raised.  Information about Sponsorship Levels can be found here.

GoFundMe is a useful web-based fundraising tool for many of our fundraisers.  For more information on how to use GoFundMe, click here.

If you are interested in becoming a fundraiser, please send an email to Patrick Simpson ( or give him a call at 907-444-5860.