Marsha Vincent Award

Each year, the most successful fundraisers are presented with the Marsha Vincent Award. This award, named after the Founder of the Lost Lake Run, honors the individuals that have raised the most donations for the Lost Lake Run in a single year.  In 2015 the Marsha Vincent Award was expanded to recognize the top-three fundraisers in two categories: Team and Individual.

If you are interested in becoming a fundraiser, please send an email to Patrick Simpson ( or give him a call at 907-563-3474. Sponsorship details can also be found here »

2017 Marsha Vincent Award Winners

First Place, Team Fundraiser, Figarelle’s Fitness

Second Place, Team Fundraiser, Anchorage Yoga and Cycle

Third Place, Team Fundraiser, Team Kile

First Place, Individual Fundraiser, Brian Brautigam

Second Place, Individual Fundraiser, Steve McKeever

Third Place, Individual Fundraiser, Melanie Roller

2016 Marsha Vincent Award Winners

First Place, Team Fundraiser, Figarelle’s Fitness

Second Place, Team Fundraiser, Sabrina Fights CF

Third Place, Team Fundraiser, Team Kile

First Place, Individual Fundraiser, Steve McKeever

Second Place, Individual Fundraiser, Brandy Eber

Third Place, Individual Fundraiser, Dennis Poirier

2015 Marsha Vincent Award Winners

Sabrina Walker - First Place - MVA TeamFirst Place, Team Fundraiser, Sabrina Walker
presented by Alaska Governor and First Lady Walker


Billy Vincent - Second Place - MVA TeamSecond Place, Team Fundraiser, Billy Vincent accepting on behalf of Marsha Vincent,
presented by Alaska Governor and First Lady Walker

Kris Kile - Third Place - MVA TeamThird Place, Team Fundraiser, Kris Kile,
presented by Alaska Governor and First Lady Walker

Steve McKeever - First Place MVA IndividualFirst Place, Individual Fundraiser, Steve McKeever,
presented by Alaska Governor and First Lady Walker

Marc June - Second Place - MVA IndividualSecond Place, Individual Fundraiser, Marc June

Tom Brotherton - Third Place - MVA IndividualThird Place, Individual Fundraiser, Tom Brotherton

2014 Marsha Vincent Award

The 2014 Marsha Vincent Award was presented to the Founder and Award’s namesake — Marsha Vincent.

Marsha formed a team — Dan McDonald’s New Lungers — in recognition of her son Dan’s recent double lung transplant.  She and her dedicated team members raised over $13,000.  Below is a picture of Marsha’s team surrounding her and Gary Green from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Dan McDonald’s New Lungers

2013 Marsha Vincent Award

The 2013 Marsha Vincent Award was presented to Simon Harrison for his outstanding fundraising efforts.

For the past six years, Simon has coordinated as many as three teams from BP. As a result of his efforts, Simon has raised over $27,000 to help fight Cystic Fibrosis.

In addition to his exceptional organizational and fund raising skills, Simon has also been an innovator, making many suggestions that have been helpful toward the improvement of the Lost Lake Run.

We are honored that Simon has chosen to help the Lost Lake Run raise funds to help us find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis and as a sign of our appreciation we were honored to present him with the 2013 Marsha Vincent Award.

2012 Marsha Vincent Award


The 2012 Marsha Vincent Award was presented to Sabrina Smith-Walker for her outstanding fundraising efforts.

Sabrina was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and is one-fourth Tlingit Indian. When she was four years old she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Although she had several hospitalizations, she still managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout her school years.

Sabrina ran competitively for her high school’s cross-country running and track and field teams and truly believes that this exercise helped her to live a stable and somewhat normal life. A few months after graduation from high school she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. At that time, she went through rigorous treatments of chemotherapy and radiation and has been cancer free since December 2005.

Sabrina decided to run in the ‘Lost Lake Run event because she felt that she needed to challenge herself mentally and physically. Sabrina strong believes that running or jogging regularly can help stem the negative effects of CF. In her own words:

 While there are medical techniques that help the lungs stay healthy, I have found that running, for me, has been a huge asset and form of airway clearance. Since CF has impacted my life as well as many others so significantly, I would like to help raise funds in order to help find medical advancements and a cure. CF is a very serious medical condition, it requires hours of nebulizers and airway clearance methods every day, dozens of medications, and a “never give up” attitude and outlook on life. I run to stay healthy and I look forward to this challenge as I look forward to the day we find a cure for CF.

This year Sabrina formed the “Sabrina Fights CF” team. She and her 22 team mates raised $12,500. In recognition of her outstanding efforts both as a fundraiser and an inspiration to all of those that have CF, we proudly present this year’s Marsha Vincent Award to Sabrina Smith-Walker.

2011 Marsha Vincent Award

The 2011 Marsha Vincent Award was presented to Michael O’Connor for his continued support of the Lost Lake Run.

In his position as President of Peak Oilfield Services Company, Mr. O’Connor has continued to grow the Lost Lake Run into a major corporate event. In 2007 he sponsored (with Nabors Alaska) the first, and only, team. He has either sponsored or co-sponsored a team every year since. In 2008, he began matching the registration fees for each of his employees that participated in the Lost Lake Run. The participation by his company’s employees has grown each year. This year Peak Oilfield Services has 44 registered participants, over 5% of the total participants in this event are from his firm.

We are very thankful for all the support that Mr. O’Connor has given the Lost Lake Run and would like to present him with this year’s Marsha Vincent Award for Outstanding Support of the Lost Lake Run.


2010 Marsha Vincent Award

The 2010 Marsha Vincent Award winner was Bill Coghill who raised over $7,500. Bill leads the Red Goat Runners racing team and has been fundraising for the Lost Lake Run since 2008. Bill also holds two of the top three fastest times in his age-group.

Bill refers to himself as “The Old Goat”.


2009 Marsha Vincent Award

The 2009 Marsha Vincent Award winner was Chrysanthe Munn, who set a new fundraising record for an individual at $8,060. Below is a picture of Chrysanthe, her husband Tobin, and their two children at Exit Glacier after last year’s Lost Lake Run.


2007-2008 Marsha Vincent Awards

In 2007 and 2008, the Marsha Vincent Award was awarded to Kris Kile. One of the keys to Kris’ success is the use of a fundraising letter that can be sent to potential donors. Download a Word version of Kris Kile’s Donation Request Letter »

Kris Kile on Tyonek Oil Rig where she raised $500 “passing the hat”

Kris Kile on Tyonek Oil Rig where she raised $500 "passing the hat"