Race Pre-Registration (The Lottery)

The Lost Lake Run is conducted on a National Park trail.  Our race permit limits the number of participants that can be on the trail each year.

The race entry fee is a non-refundable and non-transferable registration fee.

Please be certain you read and understand the Terms and Conditions.  In particular, please be certain that you understand our policy regarding refunds, exchanges, transfers, use of audio equipment on the trail, requirement for photo ID when picking up your bib, pets on the trail, and the trail use restrictions.

Click here to enter the lottery.  For more information on the lottery, see immediately below.

The Lottery

Individual pre-registrations is will open at  8 am Friday May 1 and it will remain open until 8 am Monday May 4. During this time, you can go to the web site and pre-register using your name, date of birth, gender, and email address. A UNIQUE EMAIL IS REQUIRED FOR EACH PARTICIPANT. YOU CANNOT USE THE SAME EMAIL FOR TWO OR MORE PARTICIPANTS. As an example: If you have one email address that you use for both husband and wife, you will need to use a different email address for one of you.  You can pre-register multiple times using the same email address, but there is only one email address allowed per participant. Each pre-registration requires a $10 fee. If you are selected in the random drawing, your registration fee will be $100.

Pre-registration closes at 8 am Monday May 4. Lottery winners names will randomly be selected from the pool of pre-registrants. An entrant, if selected in the lottery, may only receive one race registration spot, regardless of how many entries they have put into the lottery. Increasing your chances of winning using multiple emails does not legitimize the holding of two registration spots by one individual.

After pre-registration closes at 8 am Monday May 4, names will be randomly selected from those that have pre-registered. You can only be selected once, so if you did submit multiple pre-registrations, the other pre-registrations will be removed from the eligible pool of candidates once you have been selected.

On Tuesday May 5 at 8 am I will send out emails to all of the pre-registrants letting them know if they were selected, or if they are on the wait list.

If you are on the wait list you will be told what number you are on the list. Unfortunately, because of the popularity of the Lost Lake Run, there are very few registrations offered from the wait list. Last year we had only 12 spots open up from the wait list.

If you are selected, you will be sent a registration link to the email address you provided. You will have until midnight Friday May 8 to complete your registration process.

If there are some folks that do not complete the registration process by midnight Friday May 8, those registrations will be offered to the waiting list.

Many thanks to our 2021 Platinum Sponsors