About Teams

Lost Lake Run introduced Teams in 2007. Our Founding Team, Peak / Nabors, created the initial course record. There are now over 50 teams that compete each year for one of the two team trophies. For more information on Teams, please continue reading.   To see the course records for teams, visit the Race Records page.

A new team registration structure expands the number of team members up to 24 team members. The following are the prices for each team.  Note: team registration fees include the registration fee for each participant. 

  • 4-Person Team, $1,500, Silver Sponsorship Level
  • 8-Person Team, $2,500, Gold Sponsorship Level
  • 12-Person Team, $3,750, Gold Sponsorship Level
  • 16-Person Team, $5,000, Platinum Sponsorship Level
  • 20-Person Team, $6,250, Platinum Sponsorship Level
  • 24-Person Team, $7,500, Platinum Sponsorship Level

As in the past, teams are allowed to fund-raise for their entry fee, however the entry fee would now include the registration fees for the team members.  So, if a team was unable to raise the full amount we would remove the participants and all of the funds raised would be considered a donation.  If you would like to fund-raise for the team entry fee, contact the Race Director at the email found at the end of this page.

A team can register its team members up to June 30.  In the past we have required team members to register prior to April 1.  Now, you have until June 30 to register your team members.  When you register your team, you will be allotted a number of registrations corresponding to the size of the team you have registered.

After June 30 any team can add registered participants to their team, but only if the new addition is not currently assigned to another team.

As always, if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email: LostLakeRun@gmail.com.

Many thanks to our 2021 Platinum Sponsors